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    Vape Shop Branding Team


Why is buying into a Vape Shop franchise so much better than starting out on your own? Here are several reasons:

1. Track Record of Success
Any successful company that's looking to franchise its operation has developed a method of doing business that works well and gets results – and The Vape Shop is no different. Our tried and tested business model is helping people just like you to own and run successful businesses based on proven systems and methods, and our walk-in shops are consistently generating income country-wide.

2. Risk Avoidance
Make no mistake, lots of e-cigarette start-ups open and close within months due to lack of knowledge, planning and brand substance. Setting up in business can be daunting – and that’s where we come in. The biggest reason to buy into a Vape Shop franchise is that, if you're smart and follow our advice, you give yourself the best possible chance of success. There may be no such thing as a 100% risk-free business venture, but building your business using a proven business model is the closest you will get.

3. Strong Brand – The Vape Shop
New people looking to start using an e-cigarette seek out an established brand, so they can trust the sellers’ products. The Vape Shop has a solid reputation, both offline and online, for quality and service. Being a part of The Vape Shop brand means you can be confident of the quality of our products, as well as benefitting from our reputation for customer satisfaction.

4. The Vape Shop Training Programmes
The Vape Shop franchise model includes top class training programmes designed to bring you up to speed on the most successful ways to run your new e-cigarette business. You’ll also get a range of reference materials to help you deal with day-to-day issues.

5. Ongoing Operational Support
Rest assured that you're not alone when you're building and running your Vape Shop e-cigarette business. We have staff dedicated to providing ongoing assistance to franchisees, meaning you can always call on experienced staff when you have a query, need technical support or even want to share new ideas for growing the business.

6. The Vape Shop Marketing Assistance
The Vape Shop has a proven offline and online marketing system that enables all new franchisees to set up and start generating income within 1 week! Not only will we help you develop the marketing plan and budget for your grand opening, we’ll also guide your ongoing efforts to market your business effectively. Our proven techniques, tools and strategies for attracting and retaining customers will get you into profit quickly – and keep you there.

7. The Vape Shop Guarantee
One of the major pros of buying into The Vape Shop franchise is the peace of mind it gives you with regard to quality. We offer all franchisees a no-quibble 100% guarantee on all products we supply and a fast replacement service if any item is found to be faulty – so you are never out of pocket.


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